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  Rob Loranger ed6eb6d6ca
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  Rob Loranger f51094461e
remove old references in README 1 year ago
  Rob Loranger 42f56830ac
update README links and footer URL 1 year ago
  Rob Loranger bfeb6c3570
clean up 1 year ago
  Kailash Nadh da20ed1c5b
Merge pull request #21 from scottaw66/master 1 year ago
  Scott Willsey d31f56d76d Updates term.html page list 1 year ago
  Kailash Nadh 0ec2c406cc
Merge pull request #20 from scottaw66/master 1 year ago
  Scott Willsey eea3f91964 Updates term.html to link to all pages with that term 1 year ago
  Kailash Nadh 5471c992dd
Merge pull request #18 from fteem/ilija/fix-dark-mode-headers 2 years ago
  Ilija Eftimov aec01d1d57 Fix dark theme headers CSS 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 61e6f5b72b
Merge pull request #17 from fteem/fix-dark-mode 2 years ago
  Ilija Eftimov 8739bbc868 Fix dark theme switching by adding dark class to html tag 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 4ab319f9c2
Merge pull request #16 from rhnvrm/master 2 years ago
  Rohan Verma a24923d3f4 feat: use google fonts for inter 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 30220f02da
Merge pull request #15 from fteem/add-table-styles 2 years ago
  Ilija Eftimov 6bdd99840b Add markdown syntax example post 2 years ago
  Ilija Eftimov 87cab76c96 Add table styles 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh be55e9b73c
Merge pull request #14 from fteem/add-darkscheme-toggle 2 years ago
  Ilija Eftimov 4b0aa0f9c7 Add dark mode toggle to site header 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh de7cc93638
Merge pull request #13 from fteem/add-schema-partial 2 years ago
  Ilija Eftimov 17832c3052 Include _internal/schema template to header 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 330c43d327
Merge pull request #12 from athul/athul-p1 2 years ago
  Athul Cyriac Ajay c57a12ff59
Add year to footer 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 83d0cb07f0
Merge pull request #11 from boratanrikulu/patch-1 2 years ago
  Bora Tanrıkulu 243b33706d
Fix github repo link 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 819b901a75
Merge pull request #9 from mr-karan/li-bug 2 years ago
  Karan Sharma 27f2f80409
fix: use block for `li` 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh e90cf8ba8d
Merge pull request #7 from dataCobra/fix/disqus 2 years ago
  dataCobra 6a8eece7de Fix double ouput of 'comments powered by Disqus.' 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 0611f193d6
Merge pull request #6 from rossburton/master 2 years ago
  Ross Burton 4d69df10a8 Disable disqus templates if DisqusShortname is not set 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh a9c79b493b Fix 0-margin issue on small screens 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh f2374971e9
Merge pull request #3 from dataCobra/master 2 years ago
  dataCobra c36750873c Replace hardcoded title of lists and terms 2 years ago
  Benedikt Tuchen 58e4c3224e Add multilingual month support 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 425e2c9770
Merge pull request #2 from dataCobra/master 2 years ago
  Ben e39a8bde5a
Add possibility for HTML in copyright section 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh fcaa4a2ada
Fix theme's URL 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 84036df489 Fix screenshots 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 34bd03142b Change example theme to auto and fix README. 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 524b659c3a Fork ezhil into ink theme 2 years ago
  Vivek R 8961042aa1
Merge pull request #31 from was-up/fix_home_link 2 years ago
  Andre Restivo 64eafb28bd [Fix] Link to home in head partial. 2 years ago
  Vivek R a7eca2baeb
Merge pull request #26 from vividvilla/feat-custom-css-js 2 years ago
  Vivek R 1df516090c feat: load custom CSS and JS 2 years ago
  Vivek R fd80089ceb
Merge pull request #25 from vividvilla/fix-readability 2 years ago
  Vivek R e52c69a3c1 fix: anchor text color for dark theme 2 years ago
  Vivek R f6d21899a2 chore: add gitignore 2 years ago
  Vivek R 3bb3f06886 fix: readability fixes 2 years ago
  Vivek R 4f0c28af2e
Merge pull request #19 from cgiacomi/feature/posttags 2 years ago