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  Rob Loranger ed6eb6d6ca
update gitea links 9 months ago
  Rob Loranger 42f56830ac
update README links and footer URL 1 year ago
  Rob Loranger bfeb6c3570
clean up 1 year ago
  Athul Cyriac Ajay c57a12ff59
Add year to footer 2 years ago
  Ben e39a8bde5a
Add possibility for HTML in copyright section 2 years ago
  Kailash Nadh 524b659c3a Fork ezhil into ink theme 2 years ago
  Christian Giacomi a09b1d9585 feat: add copyright option 2 years ago
  Vivek R 0e06bb53c5 fix: broken Hugo site link in footer 2 years ago
  Vivek R 20cc3193f6 fix: move footer scripts to footer template 2 years ago
  Vivek R 0acbe2865d feat: initial implementation 3 years ago