98 Commits (ed6eb6d6ca1f450ed73037052bcac588c9cff0d0)

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  cgiacomi 28c2f28a13 fix: change layout for tags 2 years ago
  cgiacomi 7d9bec3737 chore: merge from master 2 years ago
  Vivek R edf7470d61 fix: readability fix for small screen devices 2 years ago
  Vivek R 84ec33e02f fix: anchor tag overflow on chrome bug 2 years ago
  Vivek R 1e1a59467c fix: set demo pagination to 5 items 2 years ago
  Vivek R 0e51209179
Merge pull request #21 from vividvilla/feat-dark-mode 2 years ago
  Vivek R d8269da722 feat: add dark mode 2 years ago
  Vivek R 10254883df
Merge pull request #18 from cgiacomi/feature/draftlabal 2 years ago
  cgiacomi 470638b4bc fix: move tags to bottom of post 2 years ago
  cgiacomi 298648a63b feat: add draft label to recent articles 2 years ago
  cgiacomi 186ad23333 feat: add draft label to post list 2 years ago
  Vivek R e902ec0239
Merge pull request #20 from vividvilla/fix-typography 2 years ago
  Vivek R 21e93a4dcd fix: increase header font weight 2 years ago
  cgiacomi 4ccf226f91 feat: add tag list to post header 2 years ago
  cgiacomi a6070f5408 feat: add draft label for draft posts 2 years ago
  Vivek R 6e5bf0c053
Merge pull request #17 from cgiacomi/feature/copyright 2 years ago
  Christian Giacomi a09b1d9585 feat: add copyright option 2 years ago
  Vivek R be412d7167
Merge pull request #16 from directed-graph/master 2 years ago
  Travis Chen bb85c2b77f feat: allow specifying favicon via configuration 2 years ago
  Vivek R 1a6e76206c
Merge pull request #15 from vividvilla/fix-media 2 years ago
  Vivek R 5f7e3184bd fix: add whitespace between title and subtitle in title header 2 years ago
  Vivek R 2837a2ba62 fix: images and other media doesn't get scaled 100% width 2 years ago
  Vivek R 34844c3b3d
Merge pull request #14 from vividvilla/fix-build 2 years ago
  Vivek R c27e660062 fix: build failed due to invalid variable reference 2 years ago
  Vivek R 411c986a01 fix: use site.baseurl for assets url 2 years ago
  Vivek R 31544832ad fix: remove `params.mainSections` from exampleSite config 2 years ago
  Vivek R 1ab28caf4f fix: increase font weight for em inside blockquote 2 years ago
  Vivek R bb28e76551 fix: paginate recent posts and use params.mainSections 2 years ago
  Vivek R 0e06bb53c5 fix: broken Hugo site link in footer 3 years ago
  Vivek R 20cc3193f6 fix: move footer scripts to footer template 3 years ago
  Vivek R c3b42e321b
Merge pull request #3 from mr-karan/list 3 years ago
  Karan Sharma c116f7499a
fix: inline style for list 3 years ago
  Vivek R dde7a0b154 fix: show 10 recent posts for exampleSite 3 years ago
  Vivek R 1a96008c73 fix: minor theme.toml update and add images for hugo themes submission 3 years ago
  Vivek R f8563dc36c
chore: updare credits in README 3 years ago
  Vivek R 64732a09b1
chore: add demo url to README 3 years ago
  Vivek R 4f855e9e1f
fix: fix screenshot markdown 3 years ago
  Vivek R 74e9ee7758 chore: add screenshot to README 3 years ago
  Vivek R 6c755e82df chore: update README 3 years ago
  Vivek R 6b00ac4d91 feat: add rss link to header 3 years ago
  Vivek R 7d249c573f fix: allow disqus field in content to onveride site params 3 years ago
  Vivek R 80353300b3 fix: remove public generated files in exampleSite 3 years ago
  Vivek R e890d56aff feat: add netlify build config 3 years ago
  Vivek R 3e2648b386 feat: add exampleSite 3 years ago
  Vivek R dbd1ca021e fix: use hugo menu instead of custom params 3 years ago
  Vivek R b89ed755ef feat: add social icons and template bug fixes 3 years ago
  Vivek R e9b2b8f64d feat: add syntax highlight, Google analytics, Disqus and responseive view 3 years ago
  Vivek R 0acbe2865d feat: initial implementation 3 years ago