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Crisp, minimal personal website and blog theme Hugo. Forked from Ezhil.


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  • Google Analytics integration
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Twitter cards and opengraph tags support
  • Disqus comments
  • RSS feeds
  • Custom CSS/JS
  • Multilingual months support


cd into your hugo site's root directory and:

cd themes
git clone

For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.

Content type

You can specify content type with field type in your content. For example static pages can be set as type page which are excluded from recent posts and all posts page. You can use site params mainSections and disableDisqusTypes to control which page types are excluded from recent posts and Disqus comments respectively.

title: "About"
date: 2019-04-19T21:37:58+05:30
type: "page"

This is some static page where you can write about yourself.

Language Settings for the month

Due to the currently unavailable feature for multilingual dates in .Date from Go. It is possible to create a month.yaml in the data folder of your Hugo site root directoy. There is also an example file in exampleSite/data/.

cat > month.yaml << EOF
1: "Jan"
2: "Feb"
3: "Mar"
4: "Apr"
5: "May"
6: "Jun"
7: "Jul"
8: "Aug"
9: "Sep"
10: "Oct"
11: "Nov"
12: "Dec"


Licensed under the MIT license.