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Private Forum Plugin for NodeBB

This module allows to lock the forum to anyone that did not have an account.

Be aware:

  • No pages will be publicly accessible
  • Web crawlers and bots (like google) will not be able to index the forum (except the login and register page)
  • If you are using the plugin nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage and have created a custom welcome page on /, this page will be visible after a user registered itself, even if an administrator did not approve him

Bug or feature request

Please open an issue or a pull request if needed.

Old Roadmap ideas

  • Implement an admin view to add and remove exception pages

Note: I finally found discourse as a better solution to suite my needs. As a results there is no active dev on this project, but pull requests are welcome!


Via npm:

npm install nodebb-plugin-private-forum

Or via the NodeBB plugin page.


For now there is no web view, only debug messages if nodebb is started with ./nodebb dev.